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General information

An amazingly simple way to reduce emissions, save on maintenance and fuel costs. Improve engine performance, and extend engine life. Suitable for petrol and diesel engines.

Boogie Energy Pill is certified by an independent technical testing laboratory which proved that:

  • Based on tests fuel consumption may go down even by 15% or more
  • Using Boogie Energy Pill is absolutely safe
  • Boogie Energy Pill decarbonizes the entire fuel system and keeps it clean.
  • Boogie Energy Pill does not produce any harmful combustion product or residues and its application does not cause any harm to motors.

To achieve all the above effects it´s essential to maintain the correct dosage - one pill treats 40 litres of (petrol) benzin or 30 – 35 litres of diesel

Boogie Energy Pill advantages

Environment protection

  • Reduced emissions by up to 90% (least 30 – 50%)
  • Environment friendly
  • Absolutely safe and definitely it will not damage your engine.
  • 3- 4 fuel additives can be replaced by Boogie Pill

Cost reduction

  • Owing to better quality of fuel combustion occurs reduced fuel consumption
  • Time for changing spark plugs extended
  • Prolonged interval of changing oil and oil filter
  • Financial savings on service and maintenance

Increase Power and Performance

  • Optimized burning process improves power and performance
  • Fuel system, injectors, intake valves, carburetor and engine parts are kept clean
  • Removes carbon deposits
  • Suitable for all petrol and diesel engines

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Product Information

Using Boogie Energy Pill is a very simple way to reduce emissions, fuel consumption, to get better performance of your engine and thereby reduce operating costs. A simple application in the form of pills. A pill is inserted into the tank through your car fuel filler and then you only need to refuel. Boogie Energy Pill is suitable for all types of engines - petrol and diesel. Higher quality of ignition and excellent burnout of the fuel mixture significantly reduces the emission by up to 90%. Reduced fuel consumption which will extend the mileage of your car. Assuming your car is in good technical condition, you will drive significantly longer distance.

Nobel Prize at 1973 on metal organic compounds discovery is related to the development of Boogie Energy Pill.

Boogie Energy Pill is certified by an independent technical testing laboratory which proved the following:

  • Boogie Energy Pill – the fuel conditioner is used by many customers all over the world.
  • Optimizes burning and thus, at the same driving style, improves performance and reduces fuel consumption. (Operational efficiency of the engine)
  • Reduces your fuel consumption which is verified by Independent Tribotechnical Laboratories.
  • Reduces emissions by up to 90%, reduces greenhouse gases and is environmentally friendly.
  • Removes carbon deposits in your engine.
  • You drive more kilometres for the same amount of money (mileage extension at the same amount of fuel).
  • Protects the fuel system including valves and reduces carbon deposits.
  • Cleans the entire fuel system, ensures smoother engine performance. Decreases knocking and engine noise.
  • Extends the life of plugs, injectors and valves.
  • Extends the life of pistons and cylinders of the engine and period after which it is necessary to exchange vehicle.
  • Replaces the functional properties of lead for older engines.

To achieve all the above effects it´s essential to maintain the correct dosage - one pill treats 40 litres of (petrol) benzin or 30 – 35 litres of diesel

Application knowhow

Simple and confortable.
Recommended dosing: one pill for 40 litres of petrol or 30-35 litres of diesel

How do you find out that the Boogie Energy Pill really works?

Boogie Energy Pill - the conditioner into fuel - is successfully used by many customers worldwide. A conclusive proof of its functioning is a simple measurement of emissions (e.g. before a technical inspection or at DEKRA) before the use of pills and after ten tanks with pills.

Perfectly clean spark plugs covered by a soft, red protective layer is another proof.

Cleans the output part of injection nozzles and no mechanical microparticles are accumulated at the closing seats of nozzles.

Brings reduction in fuel consumption or increase of mileage at the same amount of fuel.

The clearly obvious output increase and smoother performance can be felt already after the third pill being used.

After ten consumed tanks it perfectly cleans the carbon deposits in the exhaust system without intervening with the function of the catalytic converter. Clean sparkling plugs are the proof of the continuous cleaning process which means the cleaning of exhaust pipes.

International lab tests

SGS (Click here)
NTL (Click here)
VÚRUP (Click here)


UNIQA (Click here)

Product Information

The Boogie Energy Pill properties.

Mechanisms of action

The Boogie Energy Pill mechanism

How it works?

Boogie Energy Pill with high-tech composition is a new generation fuel conditioner. It is perfectly and completely dissolved in the fuel and is taken into the combustion chambers of cylinder groups. One of the three components of our conditioner, namely Ferrocene, ensures perfect fuel burnout and efficiency in combustion chambers. Boogie Energy Pill is designed to improve combustion of heavy molecules, combustion of sulphur in petrol and diesel fuels and to ensure more efficient combustion. It prevents incomplete combustion because all the fuel is burned during the expansion cycle in the combustion chambers - no secondary combustion in the exhaust pipe occurs. This ensures both performance improvement and reduction of emissions. The conditioner greatly reduces the formation of carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), also significantly reduces the formation of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and the production of other gas exhalations. For diesel engines there is a significant reduction in smoke. Due to lubricating component it additionally creates a lubricating film, which significantly reduces the coefficient of friction (resistance) and ensures smoother performance and increased engine efficiency. Altogether it increases the efficiency of the engine, both – in gained extra kilometres and higher performance.

Diesel Petrol

Fuel Injectors before and after Boogie Energy Pill

Before After

Intake valves before and after Boogie Energy Pill

Before After

Motor before and after Boogie Energy Pill
Before After

Mechanisms of action

Cost reduction

Extends engine life

Regular use of tablet Boogie Energy Pill extends engine life by up to 40% !!!, which means that you will be, three years without installments for the purchase of the new vehicle !!! This the biggest saving, according to the results of long term tests on various scientific institutions.

Consumption reduction at 10 pieces of Boogie Energy Pill at 5, 10, 15 %

Reduction % Refueled(litre x %) Consumption Reduction
5 % 400x0,05 = 20 litre
10 % 400x0,1 = 40 litre
15 % 400x0,15 = 60 litre

20 litres (20x350)=7.000,-HUF, 40 litres (40x350)=14.000,-HUF, 60 litres (60x350) = 21.000,-HUF reduction. Plus maintenance cost reduction.

1 piece of Boogie Energy Pill at 10 % consumption reduction spare 4 liter petrol. If we calculate 1,2,-EUR / litre, it means 4,8,-EUR saving at every 40 litres.

Cost reduction


Test results

Boogie Energy Pill using results, click on the picture for more details.

Consumption test

Vehicle type Fuel Consumption reduction % Test km
VW Passat diesel 15,7% 3 570 km
Skoda Felicia benzin 20% 2 500 km
Mercedes ML diesel 8% 2 000 km
Mercedes C diesel 11,3% 2 400 km
Skoda Octavia diesel 7,7% 3 250 km
Renault Fluence benzin 8% 1 000 km
Kamion (DAF) diesel 12,5% 25 000 km
Busz (IRISBUS) diesel 9,96% 3 300 km

VW Passat 2.0 TDI teszt

Decreased consumtion and an increased driving distance with Boogie Energy Pill

Note: between the application of the 4th and 5th tablet the temperature outside was mínus 20 C° and the engine was running the whole day continually, yet the owner was able to save on consumtion using the tablet!

Truck test

Evaluation of Testing the Impacts of the Fuel Conditioner Boogie Energy Pill

Our Company has carried out the tests of the fuel conditioner Boogie Energy Pill on the basis of the Boogie Energy Pill, s.r.o. Company, Ltd. requirement.

Locomotive Measured
Testing was carried out on the locomotive of the series 740 with numerical marking 740 899-0, which is operated and owned by our company. This is a four-axle power-operated locomotive with the power electrical transmission. Prior to performing the tests a new generating set, compression ignition engine K 6 S 230 DR was mounted on the locomotive. The CI engine passed the running-in required. This is a standing serial supercharged six-cylinder engine with OHV distribution and water-cooled direct fuel injection.

Metering Equipment
For implementing the tests the metering system developed by our company was applied. The system is based on the fuel consumption measuring with accuracy on grams related to the power generated for traction dynamo measured in kWh. The resulting value obtained is consumption of fuel in grams related to one kWh. In case of adjustment to the driving degree 0 (neutral) the measured value is fuel consumption in grams per one hour. During the process of measuring the locomotive was put out of operation and the power generated was carried away into the resistor connected.

Procedure of Tests Conducting
Testing was carried out in four stages.

  1. Stage 1: The locomotive was put out of operation and the measuring system was installed. The fuel used: diesel oil without fuel conditioner. After reaching the generating set operating temperatures and the process liquids operating temperatures the consumption was measured at the driving degrees 0, 4, 6.
  2. Stage 2: The locomotive was put into the standard operation. The fuel conditioner was added into the fuel in a ratio of 1 pill of Boogie Energy Pill to 30 liters of fuel. The locomotive was in operation from 5th September 2014 to 26th October 2014, and the quantity of the fuel consumed was 6000 liters of the fuel..
  3. Stage 3: The locomotive was put out of operation and the measuring system was installed. The fuel used: diesel oil with the fuel conditioner Boogie Energy Pill in a ratio of 1 pill to 30 liters of the fuel. After reaching the generating set operating temperatures and the process liquids operating temperatures the consumption was measured at the driving degrees 0, 4, 6.
  4. Stage 4: The evaluation of the values measured was carried out by comparing the values measured between the 1st and 3rd stages (the result is that saving was reached if the BEP was used), and at the same time between the 3rd and the 1st stages (the result is increase of consumption without using the BEP). The results obtained form a part of this evaluation.

Throughout the whole period of testing the fuel used was supplied by the same supplier who meets the ČSN EN 590 requirements.

Conclusion: The tests of impacts of the fuel conditioner Boogie Energy Pill as well as evaluation of the impacts fully proved the effects of the above-mentioned product that are declared. The resulting values differ from each other according to modes of the motor operation. In all modes tested the efficiency on the saving observed is proved, and the lowest saving of the fuel was achieved at the driving degree 6, that is provably most economical on this type of the locomotive. The saving concerned has reached 9,4%. At the lower driving degrees monitored the savings reached were even higher, specifically 14,66% at the 4th degree and even 21,21% at the degree 0. Application of the BEP fuel conditioner improves the operation economy.

Other properties such as the cleaning process of the motor, injectors and valves were not monitored during the above-described testing. However, we documented this effect during the previous tests on other locomotive. This property is useful for keeping the motor serviceability.

Conditions of measurement: 4th September 2014
Meteorological: Clear sky, temperature 15 C, pressure 1010 hPa
Motor operational conditions: water temperature 60 C, oil temperature 60 C, oil pressure 550 kPa at 420 revolutions per minute
Type of oil M7 ADSIII, cooling mixture water

Measurement Record 4.9.2014 without fuel conditioner BEP

Conditions of measurement: 29.10.2014
Meteorological: Clear sky, temperature 8 C, pressure 1025 hPa
Motor operational conditions: water temperature 70 C, oil temperature 65 C, oil pressure 420 kPa at 425 revolutions per minute.
Type of oil M7 ADSIII, cooling mixture water

Measurement Record 29.10.2014 with fuel conditioner BEP

Evaluation of Testing the Fuel Conditioner

Consumption test VW Passat 2.0 TDI 2015
DAF FT XF 95.480 740-es mozdony

Test results



After the initial dose (first fill-up), my husband Andy and Sons Benedict and Frederick were astonished by the almost instantaneous change in the idling of their vehicles. Adding to their amazement was the evident increase in the engine power of the 1000cc Suzuki Super Carry Van and Daihatsu Charade.

I started using the Pill on trail, two weeks ago. After only one fill-up I noticed the diesel van was pulling much better up the hills with so much more power. We then tried it in the petrol van with much the same results. Now the extra km's we are getting out of each vehicle is a big boost to our business, 100 k's more per fill-up on the diesel van.

Bob Fair

As a farm worker and I have to travel some distance along steep and twisting roads to my place of work in my trusty Toyata. With the diesel fuel increasing in price I needed to find a way to reduce my fuel costs. By chance I found this website promoting the Pill so I decide to give this product a go, as other stuff I have used in the past gave me no savings at all. I am impressed in what happened after two fill-ups. The engine runs quieter now and my fuel savings has been amazing, down to 8.25 litres per 100 kilometres from 11.3 litres per 100 kilometres, easier cold starting and no waxing of the diesel in cold weather. I'm very pleased with the Pill and would recommend it to all diesel vehicle owners. Thanks the fuel Pill.

Phil H, Roxburgh

We have a Toyota Hi-ace petrol van and decided to try out the Pill. We found results were very quick - using much less fuel and most importantly, more power under a full load. A company driver from a opposition company who has just started with us was amazed at the difference between our van and an identical van he’d been driving. We know this improved efficiency will mean reduced maintenance costs too.

Jim C

Observations - After using 80 litres of petrol with the Boogie Pill, it was found that there was a noticeable improvement in the litre/100 krn's rating and savings in fuel consumption. The engine ran more smoothly and had more power by using this product. It’s nothing short of a miracle the way that Boogie Pill has totally changed the performance of my classic 1971 MGB. I hope you will publish my testimonial which gives credit where it's due and to put sceptics to rest once and for all. Apart from noticeably quicker acceleration, the car also revs more freely. Even my mechanic who is usually sceptical about the use of "after-marker" products is now convinced that the fuel pill really works! I would like to thank the creators of the fuel pill and in particular, Mr Tony Robbins for introducing my MG to the magic of the pill.

David Christie

Having replaced my previous car with an 1850cc 2001 Honda I was disappointed with the fuel economy of 10.5 litres per 100k's. A friend who has over 16 years experience in using fuel conditioners introduced me to the Boogie Pill conditioner. After the initial two pills in the first tank full I found that the economy had improved to 8.3 litres per 100k’s. On a recent trip from Invercargill to Christchurch and return, a distance of 1200 kms with some town running was able to record 7.3 litres per 100kms. I’m very pleased with the Pill fuel conditioner and would recommend to all cars, truck owners.

Blair Marshall


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Safety data sheet

Safety data sheet

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